About the CCNA

The Culver Crest Neighborhood Association consists of the owners and residents of more than 500 homes in the Culver Crest part of Culver City, CA.

All residents (whether homeowners or renters) are automatically part of the association. Dues are $60/year, but are not required for membership.

The CCNA’s mission is to be the collective voice of the residents of Culver Crest in local matters that affect us.  The CCNA is a political organization, in that we will take positions on issues and attempt to instill a positive change in matters that affect our properties and our well being.
General meetings are held once per quarter, and are announced via signs at numerous intersections on the Crest.  General meetings cover the status of various endeavors which are ususally managed by particular subcommittees.
The CCNA has nine people that serve as the board of directors, plus several individuals who act in an advisory capacity.