Board Members

The Board of the Culver Crest Neighborhood Association has nine members.  Board Members are nominated and voted upon by the general membership for two year terms, with no term limits.  We stagger the terms, thus one year will elect 4 new members, the next year 5, etc.  Board Officers are nominated and voted upon by the Board Members, and can be held for a maximum of three consecutive years.
  1. Mike Doyle (President) Email: Cell: 310-570-6020
  2. Margarita Chie (Vice President) [Coyotes]
  3. Howard Lichtman (Treasurer) [Signs]
  4. Matt Keller (Secretary) [Emergency Preparedness]
  5. Rich Kissel  [Block Captains*]
  6. Antoine Durr  [Website]
  7. John Romanak
  8. Rob Greenspan
  9. Scott Crichton

In addition, we have some advisors who are part of or head of subcommittees.

  1. John Kuechle [West LA College][PXP Oil]
  2. Ken Kutcher [PXP Oil]

Legend: (Board Officer), [subcommittee member] [subcommittee chair*]