The PXP Oil Subcommittee was formed in 2006 after the release of noxious gasses by a PXP (Plains Exploration & Production Co.) owned oil well on the adjacent Baldwin Hills Oil Fields. The ensuing evacuations prompted a call to action, both from an investigatory capacity and from the desire to make sure that our quality of life wasn’t being adversely affected.

After some legal wrangling, PXP submitted a Community Standards District and out of this an Environmental Impact Report was generated (for which we have until August 19, 2008 to offer comments).  The EIR reports on the impact that the proposed CSD might have on the environment. CCNA is currently very involved in making sure that the process is above-board and addresses all the mitigation issues that concern us. The result of this process is a rezoning of the Baldwin Hills Oil Fields that will address oil production over the next 20-30 years!

The EIR was commissioned by Los Angeles County under the helm of County Supervisor Yvonne Burke and her assistant chief-of-staff Mike Bohlke.  It was released on July 19th, 2008, after repeated delays (original release date was late Fall 2007!).

During this time, PXP’s operations are under an emergency ordinance (since ammended from the original) that limits the extent of their operations. This emergency ordinance came about in large part due to the CCNA’s tenacity to not have our neighborhood excluded from proceedings between PXP and the County, and from CCNA’s critical and timely filing of comments regarding a Negative Declaration. Had those comments not been filed, the Negative Declaration would most likely have passed, and this entire EIR process would have been skipped!

Since the release of the noxious gasses (that forced several homeowners to flee), much information has come to light that highlights the power and connectedness of this oil company. We are continually filing freedom-of-information-act requests for documentation that otherwise would remain out of sight — we’ve filed no less than 9 so far as of July, 2008!  In the process, we’ve even found documentation that deliberately tried to exclude not just the CCNA but all of Culver City from the proceedings.

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