Real Estate Listings in Culver Crest

The real estate postings here on are intended to be the digital age equivalent of the one-sheet that you typically find in the realtor boxes on properties that are up for sale.   So rather than pulling over and grabbing a sheet of paper (assuming there are any left and they’re not all soaking wet), just click on the image in the post to get the basic information about the property.

Here’s how we intend to add these real estate postings.  When we hear about a new listing on the Crest (we subscribe to a realtor search-engine query that sends us information whenever there are new listings) we go grab the main picture from the MLS site, create a post here on this website, and link the picture to the original MLS (Multiple Listing Service) page.  That’s it!

We would like to clarify what these real estate postings on will not be:

  • An exhaustive list:  Each posting is individually done by hand.  The set of posts on are not the equivalent of a computer-generated search.  If you’re using as your primary search tool for property availability in Culver Crest, may we suggest you’re in the wrong place!
  • An indication of the property’s availability:  When we find out that a place has come up for sale, we add a post.  But once it’s on our website (which is basically a blog), there it remains, even if it has sold or been taken off the market.  The only thing you can infer from a posting is that the property was put on the market once upon a time.
  • Guaranteed to be timely: we may be out of town when your place goes on the market, so there is no guarantee that we’ll add it.  But you’re more than welcome to let us know if we missed it, or to give us a heads-up that we should keep an eye out for it.
  • An endorsement of any particular realtor: The MLS listing usually contains the selling realtor’s contact information.  Should you desire to purchase, we highly recommend you enlist the services of a qualified realtor who is acting on your behalf as buyer.  We have several really good ones in the Crest.

Over time, we expect to have pictures of many of the houses here on the Crest.  A visitor looking at all the historical for-sale postings will get a sense of the character of our neighborhood.

CCNA Real Estate Listings