Block Captains

Neighborhood Watch

The Culver Crest Neighborhood Watch is registered with the Culver City Police Department and works with neighbors and the Police to keep citizens alert to safety issues in the community. The Neighborhood Watch Captain, Rich Kissel, is responsible for coordinating all activities.
Rich organized the Crest into twenty virtual “blocks.” Each block has a volunteer Block Captain and Block Captain Alternate who coordinate activities.The responsibilities of the Block Captains includes distributing newsletters, special announcements or alerts, keeping an eye and ear open on their block and feeding back any important information to the Captain, the CCNA, and the Police Department. By keeping communications open, we become a safer community.
Over the years, we have communicated to the group the various scams, burglaries, and lost pets. We have reported suspicious activity, and crimes in progress to the Police which have led to crime prevention and catching criminals in the act as well as uniting a number of people with their lost pets.
Culver Crest Neighborhood Watch is proud to be recognized as the best organized and most effective neighborhood watch group in Culver City. We thank the Block Captains for their service and for making us the very best