Guidelines for Posting Community Announcements

Here are some guidelines for how to successfully create a community page event listing.

  • you should be a resident of Culver Crest
  • the activity should generally fall under the umbrella of being an event, something planned, not ad hoc
  • you must be a participant in, not just a spectator of, the activity you want announced
  • residents of Culver Crest should reasonaby be able to attend
  • the event should not be related to your employment, nor have as its purpose your financial gain

For example, here’s what does not work:

  • you own a timeshare in Mammoth, and wish to send out an invitation to the ‘come look at what it takes to own a timeshare’ presentation up *in* Mammoth! (residents could not reasonably get to event)
  • I’m exhibiting gems at the Santa Monica Gem Show (your financial gain)
  • We’re all going downtown to protest XYZ (ad hoc, just spectator)

Here’s what does work:

  • My band is performing at McCabes on Friday night
  • A group of us are repainting the Senior’s Center next weekend
  • A bunch of artists and I are exhibiting paintings at the such-n-such art walk
  • I’m coaching little league – come to the playoffs and world series on such-n-such dates

As with everything, there are exceptions, announcements that may or may not work depending on how they are presented:

  • We want to form a group of folks to go to Weight Watchers (not a contributor, just a consumer)  VS. –  Join our Monday night Weight Watchers group, where we meet and talk about eating issues and then head over to Weight Watchers for the 6pm presentation (more active contributor)
  • Come to our jewelry sale (personal financial gain) VS. Janie and I have opened up our first ever Jewelry Shop in Downtown Culver City (yes, it’s job/financial, but it wasn’t while the shop was being developed).

The fundamental intent is that the invitation be an expression of what you are up to and be an expression of  your contribution to the community.

Some technical details:

  • invitations/announcements should be sent as plain text or as PDF, and links to appropriate website are encouraged
  • Announcement should be 150 words or less, and may be reformatted for space considerations
  • We reserve the right to reject postings (but we’ll tell you why)
  • repeating or related events should all be on one announcement

If you are unsure if your event qualifies, just ask us!