One comment on “If You Live or Breathe in Culver City…

  1. An EIR is a study and doesn’t make anything legal but is supposed to properly examine impact of a proposed project on a piece of land to determine if the proposed project should be legal. But, the EIR that has been circulated is examining a CSD (set of proposed regulations)written by PXP. And the lead EIR consultant was also chosen by PXP. But we still don’t know if these proposed regulations (or ANY regulations) are safe for this particular field because the field itself is not being tested and examined. It is akin to doing a study on the rules of ice hockey and working to make the rules of the game safer without examining the ice rink. So, you have safer rules for two teams to play by but what if the ice is not safe to skate on? This is the problem I have with this EIR/CSD. PXP wants the CSD – Why? Because it makes it easier for them, not harder. DOGGR now has to permit each well. With a CSD, this wouldn’t be needed. So, what is the rush to give PXP a CSD of any kind? Make DOGGR do their job, call PXP on their phony bluff (they can’t do whatever they want without a CSD in place – nonsense) and get the study done on the land to determine of even the best regulated oil operation is safe for this particular field and in this urban setting.

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